Tips to Increase Orders at Fiverr & Gig Sales

Fiverr a best platform to sell your services in $5, but issue starts from, when you created your profile updated gigs and now you are waiting for orders or you are getting few orders only. Don’t worry you can increase it by implementing some good tips. There are many people who are making a good money working on fiverr by just using these tips.

  • Choose a Best Title for your Gig:

Title is something which describes the service you are going to provide to your buyers, so you should create a nice title for your gig. Title should be something like man stopper line.

  • Selection of an Attractive Image:

Images play a vital role in capturing the attraction of users online. So you should use some best and attractive images related to your gig. You should use you own work its better.

  • Selection of a Right Category and Keywords:

You should use the right category or very related category to your work. Keywords play a vital role in search, so you should use the best related keywords to your gig. Don’t be confuse adding the keywords, do some research on keywords related to your gig and then use. You can check my following article about keyword research and latest search trends.

How to search the hot topics through Google Trends?

  • Add a Video:

Video is very important and fiver officially recommends it. Video can increase the chances of your sales 80%. You just need to add the 30 sec video related to your gig, it attracts buyers more than the gigs with images only. Don’t forget to add the text “exclusively on” in your video if you want to approve your video in first attempt.

  • Feedbacks:

Feedbacks of your buyers leaves a good impact upon your new sales and attract more new buyers. You can ask for a feedback and ratings from your buyers.

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