Tips to create a Successful Sales page or Pitch Page

Your Sales or pitch page at your website is the place where you convert your readers into the buyers. Main issue is how we should design it and create it. Because it is the most important page which coverts our free readers and followers into the premium and we get money for our products.

The perfect formula for the sales page which was derived after the research of years and its very simple and pure.

Presentation of Problem –> Solution –> Your Product

  • 1.       Discuss the Problem:

First of all at the top of the page you need to discuss the problem in the form of headlines and headings in red color. It can be something like this.

  • Are you tired of your extra weight and want to lose it?
  • Do you want to learn the photography techniques?
  •  Are you afraid of your naughty children?

Here you can put some images regarding the problem and the things you are discussing, because images attracts the readers more than text.

  • 2.       Present the Solution:

This is the step where you present the solution of the above discussed problem. This is the place where you can tease with some points and present the solution.

You can write the lines something like the following:

  • Do you want to know the best ways to lose the weight?
  • What if you learn the easiest photography techniques?
  • You children can love learning and following you.

So after it you can write a great pitch for your products and solutions.

“You want to lose the weight but don’t have time for exercise and learning techniques so don’t worry here we are presenting the best solution it needs your only 5 minutes in morning to get rid of your extra weight.”

“Learn the professional photography techniques easily in no time and become a professional photographer. “

  • 3.       Your Product and its benefits:

This is the step where you need to present your product as a solution. Readers will know here that it is the problem solver for them and this is exactly what they need. You should tell the benefits of your product to your customers and clearly make it visible, which helps customer to know more about your product and helps the customer to buy the product. For example if you are selling laptop lights, so its benefit is, it works with USB just plug it into the USB port of a laptop and it will start working no extra electricity require.

Discuss some unique points and qualities of your product. Tell them how does it work. You can put the image of your product here. This is the place where you will put the buy now button and it will lead users to the payment page.

  • 4.       Product Money back Guarantee:

What is a guarantee and what does it do. If you are going in a market to buy something guarantee is the thing which will push to buy the product from many because it gives us relaxation that if any seller is providing the guarantee means his product is worthy with a good quality.

You should add the money back guarantee in your sales page, it helps the reader to know the quality of your product as well as it removes the fear factor. Money back guarantee forces the customer to pay for the product if he/she will not satisfied, so he can ask for his money back.

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