Secret Ways to Earn Money by Spending and Investing

Secret of Earning Money is hidden under the Ways of Spending Money

If you don’t’ know how to spend money, you can’t earn money.

Start learning the ways to spend money in right things and on right places. It enriches you with good experience and removes the fears of losing something from the heart of individual. It will encourage you that how to earn money. It will open the closed boxes of your mind; this will teach you the ways to earn money. This will guide you ways to perform in this world. It leads the individual to the right side.

It removes the love of money from the heart of individual and encourages spending open hearted without the fear of loss. The time when you will start combating with the fear of losing you will start investing to earn. The moment when someone starts investing money, it’s the right time when individual earns money. Until or unless you don’t know how to invest and spend money, you are in dark holes. Try to find the end of this dark hole and avoid the worries to gain the success and money.

You should teach your kids about how to spend money. Give them money and let them shop, let them see how cruel this world is, after the initial cheatings from the vendors they will become expert shoppers. The day on they will become good buyers they are ready to be a good sellers and investors. Because they have cheated and learned the ways to tackle the cheaters of market.  Important thing is, how to play tricks or how to handles the tricks being played with them.

So to earn money you need to spend money. If you will not lose money you will not earn money. So first of all you need to spend and empty your pockets, then you will start struggling to earn money


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