Secret of Successful Life & Self Confidence

We all want to live a successful and happy life but without doing anything, we just want some magical moments or any miracle to happen which will change our life. Remember miracles doesn’t happen, magical moments doesn’t come in our life, until we make them happen.

Now the problem is how to bring the magical moments and make the miracles in for heading towards the successful life. Knowing the answer of this question is the key of success. What happens in our daily life if we are living happily so there is not any problem but when we face problems we start blaming and cursing the luck, circumstances and other situations. But do you know what ever happens in our life is created by ourselves.

We are responsible for all the failures and success in our life. If anyone is living a healthy and happy life we see his current situation only. We don’t imagine or think about his past. How he became so successful, what he did for this success. How many hours we worked so hard? Then we start comparing ourselves with him which is totally wrong.

Remember as I stated above we are responsible for all the failures and success in our life. So we need to take the responsibility. The day we will start taking the responsibility of all the conditions and situations we will start heading towards success and bright future. If something happened wrong in past who was responsible for that, of course we were. For example: In my exams if I will not study and work hard I can’t pass the exam. But on the result day I will start blaming the institution and teachers, which is totally wrong. I failed due to my own mistakes and weaknesses. If I worked hard, I would have passed the exam with good marks and would be celebrating the success.

So in this example I was responsible for failure and success. So we need to take the responsibility and self-confidence to achieve the success. Taking the responsibility or self-confidence means believing in you. Whenever we try to do something or get any idea, we hesitate to perform that, do you know why? Just because we don’t believe in ourselves. We lack the confidence, the fear of failure stops us from doing anything.

For achieving a really successful life stop blaming others & take the responsibility of your life. You were responsible for all the things in your life and now it’s up to you to make your future best. Believe in you and go ahead. You will be successful.

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