I am Ali, 25 years old and making my income through internet. I think I am the luckiest person because:

I chose to predict my future by creating it on my own.

I never wanted to live someone else’s life by doing job and following the instructions of boss. I tried to be my own boss.
I don’t say I never did a job, I am very fortunate that I have worked with a range of organizations in many fields such as IT, Management, News, Content Writing, Designing, Development and TV channels. This varied experience enhanced my abilities. After the completion of my masters in English literature in 2011 I started my professional career.
I never wanted to be disappointed after many years from now. I chose the option to live few years of my life like most people won’t to spend rest of my life like most people can’t.

99% of wealth is controlled by entrepreneurs and business man which are only 1% of the society, most of them started with nothing, so I wanted to be the part of those 1% people.

If you are looking to become the part of these 1% people then you should check this website otherwise it’s not for the 99% people of society.

Doing business or becoming entrepreneurs is not any easy task it’s a full time commitment with consistency and courage.

Living a happy life is the dream of everybody, so you need to choose the work which makes you happy and I did it. I took the step and started sharing my ideas, thoughts and experiences. Now it’s your turn to take the decision.

Each moment of your life you waste is the moment you’ll never get back again.

Time is the most expensive thing you have doesn’t waste it and get to work. Create your plan and strictly follow that. Never give up to be a successful, this is what I learned in my life.

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