4 Best options to make a passive income & earn money from home

Earning money and passing a good life is the dream of every human being in this world. Now a days to spend a comfortable life, money plays a vital role. Because without money we can’t buy the basic things to spend a life.

But what if you want to make money working home, if you are retired or a student or house wife. There are many scammers online now a days who make you fool and do scams with the innocent people, so I am sharing my own experience with you, to guide you the easy and best ways to earn money and make your good passive income working home or any place of the world you like. There are many ways but I would discuss some of the best ways with you.

  • Start Earning Money from writing a blog:

What is a blog, I hope all of you know, it’s a kind of website at we share our articles and writings. It’s very easy to start a blog and start writing articles. There are some single step tools to start your own blog at blogspot.com or WordPress using your own private hosting and then earn money through the advertisements on your blog. You can earn not only through advertisements but writing a product reviews, recommending affiliate products, text link ads, audio and video ads etc. for the complete guide you can visit the following link

How to Earn Money online through blogs? 

  • Make money by selling an eBook

EBook is a kind of virtual book. Available online in PDF formats. You need to write a book of 10 or 20 or 30 or 50 pages with full of useful information. But remember book should be very informative because you don’t have to sell it once only, you need to sell the things again and again. Then start selling the book through affiliate marketing and you can earn good money. How to make eBook you can get some help through some of my following articles.

How to make eBook and earn money through it?

  • Do Freelance works and earn a Good money online

You must know about the freelancing, freelancing mean working individually from home or any place, working for different companies or individuals and provide them your expertise for the resolution of their problems on fixed or different prices. You can do free lancing for any work, if you have expertise in writing, development, designing, mathematics, law, editing, animation or any. You can sell your services easily and can make good money. Best websites are freelance.com, fiverr.com elance.com, odesk.com etc.

Earn Money through working as freelancer.

  • Sell used and new things online:

Some people make good money by selling the goods and products online. You can sell different new or used things online. As to my experience in Dubai, most of the people buy the used or slightly used things online from different sellers and then resell those things through different websites with little profit and earns good money.

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