How to sell your eBook online

How to sell your eBook online or through Affiliate Network & Earn Money Quick as a Student

This is the most important thing if you have completed your eBook and now you want to sell it. You need a website where you can represent your product and maximize the reach of buyers. But it is quite hard to have a good no. of visitors which will buy your product.

What if I don’t have?

Don’t worry, I will guide you that how can you sell your eBook online without having thousands of visitors. You just need to contact the affiliate networks to sell your book.

How affiliate network works:

There are two types of registration at these affiliate networks. Seller/Merchant Account or Publisher Account. So you are here to sell your product so you will choose the first account seller one.

Publisher account is for those people who are running a good websites with high traffic and they want to sell products by displaying ads or writing content about the product. These website owners or writers inform about the pros and cons of the product, so users can easily decide whether to buy it or not. If user buys that product publisher will get the commission and if user will not buy so no problem publisher will get the good and committed follower and reader.

As a seller you will go for seller or merchant account to sell your products through affiliate networks.  For this you need to register your product with these networks and will have to create an account as a merchant or seller, after the completion of all requirements of signing up you will share your product with any of the network and you need to set the commission for the publisher. You will have to tell the customers about the benefits of the product. You will have to put some information and short description about your eBook.

These affiliate networks have tons of traffic and you will get the good breakthrough in your sales. But remember one thing your product should be good and beneficial to your buyers, if you want credibility and follower ship. Because you can cheat people once only, you can’t make fool anyone in this world. So always be sincere and loyal with your career and customers to be a successful businessman or entrepreneur.

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