How to sell ad space to monetize webstie

Most effective motivational factor for working online is to earn money. As your earnings increases your motivation, consistency & passion increases.

If you are a website owner or a blog writer, you must be looking for selling ad space to earn some extra money fast. So I am sharing the quick tips to sell your ad spaces.

Offer discounted or free ad spaces:

Study says the word discount and free are very effective and quick lead generators in marketing. You can boost your sales by offering discounts and offering something free. So you can sell your ads very quickly by offering something free with your ad space.

You should offer discount to first 5 buyers, this will boost your sales.

Long and short term advertisement spaces:

You can offer your buyers long term ad spaces on discounted price or short term quick advertisement packages for newbie or small advertisers. Long term advertisement plan helps to stuck the buyer with you and attract the big advertisers.

Rotating Banner Option:

You can offer banner rotating option on your ad space. For example if a buyer buys the ad space on your website. He can run 3 ads or 5 ads on that space. This is a very good option which is not being offered by most of the websites. This will boost your ad space sales.

Know about your traffic before offering:

You must know about your website traffic. i.e. Location & interest of your visitors, what people search on your website? The most you know about your visitors, help you to sell your ad spaces easily. To know about your traffic locations and interests you should use, Google Analytics or Clicky web Analytics etc.

Track Social Network Pages & Poll:

To know more about your website traffic you should keep an eye on your social media pages. Check what people are saying in comments. This will help you to know more about the interest of your visitors. You can use the polls on your website to check the visitor’s interest.

Contact the Advertisers:

Now it’s time to offer your ad spaces to different advertisers after know about your website traffic.

Websites Which Links You:

Contact with websites which are linking to your website. Check their services and products and offer your ad space. You can find these websites through your analytics.

Check Google Ad sense:

One of the best options to sell ads on your website is Google Ad sense. Let Google decide about the advertisers and you just focus on your traffic and content. Check your ad sense ads and directly offer the advertisers for an ad space.

Sell Direct Ads:

If you want to directly sell ads on your website, here are some tools which can help you.


You can use OpenX an open source ad server to sell your ads.

Random / Rotating Ads WordPress Plug-in:

If you are using WordPress so you can use this plug-in. It is an awesome ad manager.

Join Ad Networks:

You can join different ad networks to sell your ad space easily. These ad networks charges little fee and place your website on their network which can generate an advertiser more quickly. There are different ad networks, Check the following list of some prominent ad networks.


Google Adsense

These were some of the good ideas and options I got and used in my life, so I shared it with you. Please share your ideas and experience that which one worked well for you.

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