How to search the hot topics through Google Trends

The most important thing is if we are writing something and sharing the information, what topics should we select or weather our selected topic is hot among the readers or not. How much users are searching our selected topic. There are some online tools available to get that information, one of the best is Google Trends.

Google Trends:
Google Trends tells about the searches or I would say what is being searched now days in search engines with the information of regions. People use Google Trends to know the search volume of different keywords and to know the hot search topics, specially the trends of specific search queries. As the name tells about the trends so you will get the latest website search trends from here. The most important feature of this tool is, it tells about the top regions and cities for specific keywords.
It can help you to find the hot topics to write the content as well as it can help you while choosing the places for your advertisement campaigns.

Amazon is the best place to know the ideas of the people. Visit the Amazon and search the books related to your topic and then read the reviews and comments of the users and buyers so you can get the idea that what additions you can make in your book or articles. New ideas will come in your mind after reading the reviews about the existing content. It will help you to add additional content in your book.

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