How to Increase blog or website traffic

Your website or blog visitors are the success of your online business. A simple formula I discussed in my past posts regarding earning money online is: “No traffic no incomes”. So it is the most challenging task for any online business owner or blogger. As trend is changing old techniques are being obsolete. You need to focus on the latest trends and techniques. Today I am going to discuss some latest techniques to boost your web or blog traffic.

Social Media and important tool to increase traffic:

Social media is very important part of people life now days. Approximately 98% internet users are engaged in social media and check the social sites daily or hourly basis. So social media is one of the best tools of your success to boost the traffic on your website or blog.

Use social sharing plugins at your website or blog. It plays an important role to increase your website traffic. It allows your visitors to share your content at different social networks which generate traffic on your website.

Create social media pages and grow your following ship on different social media websites, especially Facebook, Twitter & Google+.

Unique, Fresh & Informative content:

You should always think before choose the topic to write and post it at your blog. Always post the content which is unique and fresh. Fresh means the content relevant to the current era.

Check the trends and searches and people approach that what people are looking for. As much latest and fresh content you will post, as your traffic grows.

Post the informative content and don’t copy it from other places. Because copying the content from different websites or blog can be harmful for your blog or website in different search engines.

Guest Posts:

Guest posts means to write a post for any other blog and it will be posted with your name and website link, which helps you to increase your website traffic. But this can only possible when you are very good in your content and have very informative content. So other will allow you to post for them. In this way you will get the links in different blogs and websites which boost your traffic.


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