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Having a website or blog without traffic is not beneficial, what is beneficial? We need Traffic, Visitors on our website, to expend our voice, to monetize our blog or website and make good money online. Key of success is a website with good traffic. So to generate the visitors from search engines and other places we need to do some homework and marketing. Like we need our website submission to directories, blogs, forums etc. We need to make the fan pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. These are the best ways to gain the good page rank and traffic on our website.

Directory and search engine submission:

Search engine submission and directory submissions are the main and initial steps after creating a new website. I would recommend you to submit your website or blog to all the biggest search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Search etc. You can sign in to the Google webmaster tool to submit your website and sitemap. Following are some links to submit your website to the popular search engines easily so it will help you indexing very early.




For directory submission please check my article at : free directory submission list

Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing:

Social media plays an important role now a days in our daily life. People spend most of their time of social media websites specially Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In, Digg, etc. So it’s very important to access the people through social media websites. One way is paid advertisement but I would prefer the free option. If we can’t go for paid advertisements so no problem at all. We should create a profile pages of our website on all social media websites.


Facebook is one of the top most visited website in social media websites. You should create a your website’s fan page at Facebook. You can place the fan box at your website through an easy extension, plugin or gadget. After creating a fan page invite your friends to like your page, keep posting the images, news and text regarding your content which will attract people to like you page. If you will share something informative people will like your page without inviting them. So with the fan page you can attract visitors at your website.


Twitter is one of the biggest website to share your voice with millions of people by tweeting. You should create a page on Twitter and share the follow link on your website or blog. So your visitors will start following you.

You can use hashtag service of twitter to highlight your keywords in your tweet. For example: if you want to share the tweet like “Liquify Filter plays an important role in photo retouching at Photoshop” you can write it like this “#Liquify Filter plays an important role in photo retouching at #Photoshop” so by using # with liquify and Photoshop will make it keyword and will be highlighted in your tweet so whenever people will search that hashtag they can find your tweet.  You can check more about this in Twitter’s help page.

You should follow the people of your interest so in this way you can get your target audience.

Video Markting:

Video marketing is a best option to attract the visitors at your website. You can make the videos related to the content of your website and mention the link of your website at the start and end of the video. You can show the link at the bottom of the video as well. Then share those videos on biggest video hosting websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Break, etc. When people will find the videos informative and attractive so they will visit your website as well.

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