How to Create or Setup a Free Blog to Earn Money Online or Passive Income

What is a blog? First and simple question for a user who doesn’t know about the blogs, approximately all the people and web users know about it very well. Blogs are the websites which are being used for sharing the personal information, discussions or you can say an information websites. Before three years blogs were used to manage by a single blogger or an author but now multi blog author concept have been introduced and companies or people are managing the blogs with multi authors or writers.

Blog is a simple website which is very easy to use and manage, even a normal user who can receive, send emails can manage a blog very easily. There are many websites which offer free blogs for users, Like Tumbler, WordPress, and Blogger etc. Blogger is very popular and now owned by Google so I would recommend you to go with it. So at this stage you need a Gmail account. If you already have the one you can use that or signup for a new account.

Go to the or, sign in with your Gmail account. Then click at New Blog or Create a New Blog. Write the title of your blog and then choose the address of your blog which depends upon the content of your blog. You should create an easy address for your blog, which is easy to remember for viewers. Choose the template (the design of your blog) and click on create blog. That’s it you have created your own blog. Click at the name of your blog, you will be redirected to the dashboard of your blog.

Next step is to start posting but before it check the list of menu available in your blog. From this menu you can create, edit or delete a post, pages, you can set layouts. You can change or upload a new template of your blog.

Click at the new post button and start posting on your blog. After posting a new post you should share it with your friends on social websites like Twitter, Google Plus, FaceBook, StumbleUpon, etc. to generate some traffic at your website.

Remember if you are posting the fresh and rich content at your website, you will start receiving traffic on your blog through major search engines specially Google. And this is the key of your success.

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When will I start earning money or making my passive income from my Blog

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