How to check website traffic sources & stats

website trafficA very important question and very informative this about your web traffic, It can help you about your future plans and targeting the audience. You can easily know about the basic information of your audience like, their gender, age, ethnicity, salary, education, country, regions etc.
All this information can help you in your strategies, plans, and your targeted audience. You can even get the better idea about your sales that if you will sell something through your blog or website weather you can get the sales or not. This information can help you even about the advertisements and advert partners that what kind of advertisements you should publish on your website to earn the revenue through this audience.

Quant Cast: is one of the best website tool, which tells us about our audience. On the home page of this website we just need to insert the website address and it will give the all information about the inserted link. It will tell about the visitors, gender, ages, salary etc. even tells about the websites visited by our audience. Which can help to know the wishes and thirst of our audience what they are looking for that can be provided to them through our website or blog.

Google Analytic:

Google Analytics is a service provided by Google Inc. As its name tells that it’s a service of something like analytics and stats reports. Google Analytic is one of the best web stats and analytic service of the world I would say as per my experience. You get the information of your website traffic, regions and cities of your traffic. It also tell you about the browsers and Operating systems which were used to access your website. It tells about the devices from you got the traffic, like weather your visitors visited your website through desktop computers or laptops, mac or iPhone or mobiles devices etc. It tells your which referred the traffic towards your website. It tells about the traffic sources, like search engines, search queries, keywords used to access to your websites, etc. etc.


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