How to Check for Plagiarism Free & Best Copyscape Alternatives Online

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What does plagiarism means?

Plagiarism is ethical offence, Plagiarism means to copy the content, ideas & concepts of someone else and then present it as it’s your own genuine content. This content could be in any form, including audio, video, text, etc. In other words we can say that stealing the ideas and concepts of other authors, writers or producers, is known as plagiarism.

Anyone who produces the real content, works hard, invests time and money to produce something, but unfortunately many people try to steal the masterpiece of others and reproduce with their name. To stop this, real owner needs something to detect this plagiarism and stop this offence. Copyscape offers online plagiarism checker services.

What is a Copyscape and how does it works?

Copyscape is one of the best plagiarism detection services which tell about the content which is theft from your website. You just need to insert the URL of your website and you will get the results which have same content. If you are using it free so you can use the services of Copyscape once in a month only. But premium account of Copyscape allows you to use it as many times as you want by paying the 5 cents fee for each search.

Most of the bloggers can’t afford this fee and they search some free online plagiarism detector. There are many Copyscape alternatives, but I am sharing some best alternatives here. is one of the best Copyscape alternatives, this website allows you to check plagiarism online, up to 25000 characters. Open the website and paste your content in the text box and press quick search button. You will get results very soon. You can also check through the URL and file, but for these features you will have to sing up at the site which is free.

Tynt is a very strong copy & paste detection website, it tells you when you content copied and where it is shared. Tynt gives you the information about the images, text and videos copied from your website. Tynt also tells you about the keywords, people using to come into your website.

Duplichecker is another good free plagiarism checker website. It allows you to 1500 words maximum per search. You can also upload a .txt or .docx file at to check the plagiarism without signing up. allows you to search the unlimited words to check the theft content. It also allows you to search through a URL or by uploading a file. also supports the 190+ languages, so you can check the content of different languages. It searches line by line so you will get the good results.

It is the best platform for teachers to check the student’s research papers easily. There is no limit of text at simply paste your content and you will get the results about your plagiarized content. You can set the preferences at it easily. Web owners and blog writers can also enjoy the plagiarism services.

Copygator is a best tool to monitor the RSS feed, it monitor the RSS feed and send alerts when someone copies the content. It is absolutely free and trusted plagiarism checking service.

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