Best Ideas & Tips for a Successful Interview & Things to Avoid in Interview Questions

Job Interviews are sometime good and most of the time bad, as to career counselors. Most of the candidates get confuse or do the dumb things in the interview, which throw the candidates out of the interview room and their resume in dustbin. Here are some dumbest things, which you should avoid in your interview.

Be loyal to the company:

Normally when candidates apply for a job they tell the employer that they just want a job. But you should keep in mind that a company which is hiring someone is looking for a loyal employee who would work for them and thriving for the position which is being offered.

Be informed, don’t ask rubbish questions:

Candidates must know that all companies are responsible for your health, benefits & etc. it varies country to country and local laws. You must study about the company before going to take the interview. It will help you to know more about the benefits being provided by that company to the employees. Interviewer allows the candidate to ask some questions to check the mentality, thoughts and sincerity of the candidate with the job, he applied. So if you will study about the company before the interview you will not have to ask the questions about vacations, benefits, promotions & etc. These type of questions shows that you want more from the job or company than you will give to it.

Don’t tell about other Interviews:

Don’t tell about your interviews with other companies. If you will mention that you want to work for any other specific company or you are interviewing any other company, it will lose the interest of your interviewer. If you have told about your other interviews, then tell your interviewer that you are more interested and focused with them as compared to others.

Questions you should ask:

Interviews are two way streets, so you need to ask something about the company. When you are allowed to ask questions by interviewers, never say that I don’t want to ask anything, you need to ask something. It shows your interest in the company or you can ask them is there anything you want to know more about me?

Who is your Interviewer?

You must know about your interviewer, if you are not sure and will confuse the receptionist and she will find the correct person for you. Everyone would have known that you didn’t prepare anything for this interview. It leaves the worse impact.

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