5 Secret Keys of your successful blogging

Blogging is a passion and the passionate people gets the success quickly than others. So always be punctual in all aspects of your life and never break your promises. When you start blogging, it means you are making promises with yourself as well as with your readers of punctual postings and information sharing.

Today I am going to share some tips which you can consider the secrets of successful blogging. May be many of you will not agree with me but these were secrets for me.

  • Topic of your blog (Nich Blogging)

Starting a blog is something cool, but you should choose the topic of your blog, which is the most important thing. Question is “What is Nich?” Nich means a blog with specific topic and you will stick with one or some topics, is called Nich. So you should choose the specific topic of your blogs, about you will share the information with your readers. In this way you will get the targeting audience regarding your topic and it will be helpful in future for monetizing.

  • Titles should be the man stoppers:

Man stopper is a technique which is used in marketing, we always try to create a unique tag line to attract the attentions of users. So same here our title should be attractive and full of information about the content of your article you are going to write.

You must try to use your top keywords in your title because its going to be very beneficial in coming future regarding SEO.

  • Importance of first paragraph

In my last posts I have defined the importance of first paragraph. First paragraph is actually the short description of your blog post and article. First paragraphs is something which can be the decision making point for your readers, weather reader should continue reading your post or not.

  • Concise and make simple your content

To concise your content is very important because if you will start telling the longest stories in your posts, it will create hurdles for readers. And it will confuse the readers as well.

Try to use points and headings in your content to make more easy to understand. It also helps reader to choose the headings so he will not have to read the whole post and can choose the topics he is going to read.

You can use a short questionnaire at the end of your posts, which will help you in strong user interaction.

  • Perform a proof reading at the end:

You must check your content after finishing writing and fix the sentences or grammatical mistakes. When you will read your own content you will fix many things in it. Your content should be interesting and very informative to stuck your readers. During a proof reading if you find something boring or repetitions so remove those.

Tip: You can ask your visitors and readers to share or comment your posts if they like, its a good to generate the traffic and popularity of your blog.


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